Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 2: A Confession and A Prayer

Confession time. I am freaking out about the next 30 days. Now that I have made the commitment to write about the character of God everyday, I am afraid that I will not have anything to say and even more afraid that no one will listen. I ask my self the question, "How can I teach people about really knowing God, when I still struggle with my false view of Him on a daily basis?".

My husband gently pointed out this morning (he is good at that) that I am exactly where God wants me to be. If I had it all together and were able to do this on my own strength, than He would not receive the glory. I would. If instead, I allow God to work through and in spite of my weaknesses, He will get all the glory.

And so I thought, for day 2 of this journey, we should start with prayer. That we should begin with the first part of Matthew 7, "Ask and you will receive".

"Lord God in Heaven, Elohim, The Beginning and The End, The First and the Last, Abba Father, we come to you now and ask that You will meet us where we are over the next 30 days.  You alone know where each woman stands in her walk with you.  I pray that you will prepare our hearts as we embark on this journey to really know You.

Lord, I am the least qualified of all to lead this study of You and Your Character.  Please use me in spite of my weaknesses and struggles.  Give me the words, the stories to effectively communicate the message that You have placed on my heart to share.

Reveal Yourself to us, Father.  Do not leave us the way we are, but let us find ourselves changed.  Changed, not just for our own benefit, but changed so that we can that pass on Your matchless love to those around us.

Let You alone receive all the glory.

In your matchless holy name I pray, 

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